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Become an Integrative Holistic and Energy Healing Practitioner while healing yourself

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This program will change your life forever. Have you ever been involved in a true state of alchemized strategic change before? Collectively, most of our clients say it is like getting a full-being makeover. TRUE wealth is wealth of the mind, body and spirit. A person who is financially rich but emotionally depressed or physically sick is lacking true wealth. AWAKE teaches clients to blissfully reach a state of zero-point consciousness. This is a place where the only moment in time is the moment of NOW. In this moment of NOW exists a very important torsion field of energy called the “zero-point”. When you access this point you are embodied in a vacuum that will effortlessly and easily allow you to manifest a life of wealth, true-love, perfect health, and spiritual evolvement.  

Before designing this new age program, dozens of extremely successfully people were studied. The definition of successful for this purpose implies that the person is financially wealthy, happily in love, physically healthy, and spiritually abundant. Every successful entrepreneur that was studied and modeled had a way of thinking, acting, and being that just naturally attracts success. This way of being is existing in the “zero-point “ field of consciousness.

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Who Is This Program For?

This program is about YOU. Through the program you will organically learn to embody these techniques and become them. AWAKE is about you being the fire that everyone else can have a torch from. Earning these amazing certifications and attracting your own life long clients will be a bonus of self transformation.


This Program is for Everybody! This program can benefit energy workers, life coaches, intuitives who need direction on how to work with clients, doctors of any kind, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, actors, Anyone who wants to be successful.

You Will Receive the Following

Certification as an Integrative Holistic and Energy Healing Practitioner

All graduates will also receive certifications in the following modalities listed below as part of the Integrative Holistic and Energy Healing Certification. These certifications are recognized internationally by AANP, THINK, & ABNLP

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As you surrender into the opportunity to dissolve your own blocks, fears trauma, anger and whatever else is hiding you, I will be there to hold space. Change and true learning is an embodiment of the techniques and teachings rather than just a cognitive process.
My AWAKE program is a consciousness that will allow you to heal yourself as you learn the energy set of being the fire and passion that your family, peers, and clients will gratefully get a torch from.
Being part of your process will be an honor! Your soul tribe will navigate towards you in this beautiful journey.
THIS is true success! 
PLEASE Read the AWAKE Ebook, “Success and Beyond”  that you will receive after pushing the submit button below. This is only a 20-30 minute read.
Please take some time and read through the ebook after pushing send. This will go over the contents of the academy and pricing as well as the links to a free preview of the first module of the courses located on the last page of the AWAKE Ebook- “Success and Beyond”