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Eye-Movement Integration

EMI (Eye-Movement Integartion) is treatment of trauma, panic attacks, grief, and depression.

What is It?

It is a neuro-psychological approach to trauma resolution. EMI helps one access and activate one’s intrinsic healing process. Many have referred to this natural healing ability as the “inner healer.” I believe that EMI allows one to rapidly resolve trauma that is believed to reside within one’s body – whether we consider that to be one’s nervous system, one’s chakras, one’s energy field, etc.. When we are able to desensitize and reprocess painful experiences, we integrate and resolve them. Even though we still remember the experiences, they cease to be disturbing. EMI doesn’t just reduce symptoms, it resolves trauma at its core level.EMI is often a time-efficient treatment option. Once the necessary History/Treatment Planning/Preparation have been completed, most of my clients can experience EMI’s effectiveness almost immediately. While the length of treatment for trauma will vary depending on the nature, severity and amount of the trauma, many clients achieve significant healing and resolution (of a particular trauma) during their first ninety minute EMI session. The therapeutic effectiveness of EMI is well documented and has been verified by numerous clinical research studies. 

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I have found it effective in addressing the full range of symptoms associated with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These symptoms typically include: reliving the traumas (flashbacks, nightmares), avoiding (people, thoughts or situations that remind one of the traumatic event) and increased arousal (starling easily, hyper-vigilance). Some practitioners use EMI Therapy as a treatment all by itself. I have found that it most effective when used in conjunction with other research supported therapy methods. It can be extremely helpful when treating depression, anxiety, grief and panic attacks.

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