AWAKE 2023
Academy of Wealth Alchemy & Kinetic Energy
 A Journey Of Self-Transformation, Soul Expansion & Certification To Create a Reality Where You Thrive. Be the Torch that Heals Others! 
Become an Integrative Energy Healer and Holistic-
Practitioner While Healing Yourself First.
Be the Change that Heals Others through Sound Healing Mastery and Much More...
AWAKE Isn’t Another Program. It’s A Shift In Consciousness To Attract Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life.
Unlike most programs, the AWAKE Academy is designed to help you create rapid transformation and self-healing while earning certifications in the following modalities:
Quantum Shifting
Medical Intuition
Sound Healing
Zero-Point Acceleration
Neuro-Linguistic Programming
DNA Encoding & Activation
Reiki I & II
Eye-Movement Integration
Reiki Master Certification
Shamanic Healing & Journeying
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I Help You Accelerate Your Self-Healing to Attract Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life..
Hi, I’m Dr. Rebecca. And I’m honored that you’re here.

During the last 25 years, I’ve been blessed to work with 1000s of people like you to release blocks, tap into zero- point consciousness, heal themselves —and grow thriving businesses with lasting impact.
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