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Be the Author of Your Own Story

A journey with Rebecca is unique to who you are and what your story is all about. Rebecca teaches many modalities such as; Theta Healing, DNA Encoding and Activation, Zero-Point Acceleration, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Shadow Engineering, Medical Intuition and more. However, Rebecca connects directly with you through source/creator energy and channels what works best for you. Rebecca uses her psychic abilities to zone into core issues with you and her large tool box of healing skills to make shifts in

What Rebecca Offers

Dr. Sullivan works on you as though you are a hologram. With this, the possibilities are endless! Miraculous shifts happen on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Rebecca’s passion is to help her students and clients create their version of heaven on earth. True Love, True Health, and True Wealth emerge from the same point of energetic well being.

Through this way of teaching and treating people, came the Implementation of the AWAKE Academy. In this, Rebecca teaches everything that guarantees sustainable healing and success.

Below are the different modalities taught in the AWAKE Academy as well as utilized in personal sessions

Bring Your Heaven to Earth

Conscious Infinity offers classes that will align you to the best version of yourself. Honor the YOU that has been waiting for a rebirth

Dr. Rebecca Sullivan

Rebecca Sullivan is a Integrative Medicine Practitioner and Medical Intuitive. She has been blessed with psychic abilities her entire life. She is passionate about holistic healing and believes it is the only way to successfully treat clients. 

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