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Rebecca Sullivan is a Integrative Holistic and Energy Healing Practitioner and Medical Intuitive. She has been blessed with psychic abilities her entire life. She is passionate about holistic healing and believes it is the only way to successfully treat clients. Being just okay is not enough, and Dr. Sullivan strives to make her clients’/students’ lives exceptional. Rebecca is a certified ThetaHealing Teacher and Practitioner.


Rebecca founded and branded her own modality called Zero-Point Activations™. She is a Matrix Energetics Practitioner, Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner/Coach, NLP Certified Life Coach, Eye-Movement Integration Practitioner and DNA Encoding and Activations Practitioner. Rebecca has successfully treated clients using these modalities for 20 years. Rebecca was born intuitive and has always had a “sixth sense”.

Her mother was open spiritually and taught Rebecca and her four sisters how to remain open and in in tune with these abilities. Rebecca remembers doing her first past life regression at the age of eight. Her mother empowered her by playing telepathic games and allowing her to speak freely about the “spirits” that Rebecca would see and feel. 

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Meditation was introduced to Rebecca at an early age and she spent most of her life in a “higher state of awareness”. Rebecca believes that ANYTHING can be manifested and accomplished by connecting to the creator of all that is! Everyone should be open to the miracles that can occur in one’s life. Rebecca has accomplished everything in her life by connecting with source and utilizing the law of attraction in order to manifest through frequencies and light language.

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 Rebecca is unique to who you are and your needs. Rebecca has been trained in many modalities such as; Theta Healing, Matrix Energetics, Access Bars and more. She has created her own techniques such as Zero-Point Acceleration and DNA Encoding and Activation. Dr. Sullivan became a Master Reiki Healer and Hypnotherapist as well as NLP Practitioner very early in her career. Rebecca connects directly with you through source/creator and channels what will work best for you. Rebecca uses her psychic abilities to pinpoint the facts and her healing skills to make the necessary shifts in your energetic field, subconscious mind, and soul awareness to recreate the perfect blueprint for you. Prior, to being a full-time Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner, Rebecca held a graduate degree in psychology. She has had experience owning and operating mental health and primary care facilities. Rebecca is very aware of the downfalls of western medicine, but loves that she has experience in all fields. After AWAKE, you will experience amazing shifts and synchronicities. Rebecca will know your situations, goals, and needs very well. She has students all over the world and accepts students who are willing to invest the necessary energy to achieve their goals.

DR. Sullivan’s number one goal is to empower her clients to become students! There is nothing more powerful than someone who can step into and stay in the right energy for a life-time. This work is invaluable in every aspect of your life. This becomes a way of life. Through her AWAKE Academy , clients can heal themselves and then use their passion to become certified to help others as well.

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