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Psychedelic Languaging Activations & Encoding™ CERTIFICATION

What is It?

Plae™ has been in my consciousness and awareness since 2014. I embarked on a journey to the Amazon to study plant medicines after a distinct calling. My first plant medicine journey was in Peru. I am forever grateful that I followed my intuition on this. When I was in the amazon rain forest I was fortunate enough to receive teachings from the local Shamans and a UCLA psychiatrist that became a shaman and combined the western and eastern perspectives. The life experiences and lessons I received after about 200 ceremonies is priceless. My world is so much better as a result! I’ve had tremendous success personally and with my clients doing natural plant medicine ceremonies and coaching.  If you like The world of the paranormal and you can accept magic and miracles, you will LOVE the realm of natural plant medicine .

Through my journeys I have learned that in order to successfully navigate the world of psychedelics you must know the language. As with any other morphic field of consciousness, it has its own language and encoding. The relationship with the morphic field is special and has its own set of wisdoms. This is an art that can redefine the world as we know it.

Prepare For Your Own Natural Plant Medicine Journey and/or Become a Psychedelic Coach

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Depending on what psychedelic medicine you are entangling with, it has its own activations, downloads, and dialect. When you imprint on the morphic field of the plant medicine that you are engaging in, you can utilize that imprint to continue to heal days, weeks, months and even years after your psychedelic experience. Pre-ceremony and post ceremony treatment is just as important as the ceremony itself.


I have immense gratitude for plant medicine and the upmost respect for mother earth for giving us this natural remedy or gateway to intrinsically and innately healing ourselves.


It takes a special person that is already somewhat deprogrammed to embark on a psychedelic journey. I have found it extremely rewarding working with these clients and profoundly rewarding.

I have seen clients heal from crohn’s disease, celiac, lymes disease, cancer, severe heart issues, infertility and more! Sacred plant medicines help with addiction, mental health disorders, and  spiritual connection. Through the portals that are opened using plant medicine, manifesting becomes easy and empowering.  It is undeniable that this is a sacred process and if it’s entered into with deep respect and integrity, it is completely life-changing. 


I have noticed that light language and psychedelics comes hand-in hand. Light language is the language of the heart. It helps with the heart-brain connection through light, sound, frequency, and movement.


PLAE™ is a certification that trains you and prepares you to be an International Psychedelic Coach. The PLAE™ certification will position you to be among the first coaches to accept clients who need pre-ceremony and post-ceremony coaching. Thousands of Americans/Canadians are flocking to different indigenous countries to experience plant medicine and are seeking psychedelic coaches. The google search for psychedelic coaches has increased by 400% in the last year. 

Personally, I am a member of MAPS ( Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies – MAPS). I have up to date information on cutting edge research and clinical trials. However, I will be honest, nothing is more telling than the front seat, when watching miracles unfold client after client. 

Becoming certified in PLAE™ will be very purpose driven. As a PLAE™ coach you will be part of paranormal events that lead to magic and nothing short of miracles. Each coach will learn light language and encoding as well as state of the art energy techniques that come hand in hand with psychedelic healing.  PLAE™ certified coaches will learn and understand the psychedelic processes and languaging skills. 

All coaching can be performed over zoom or any other video source. Upon completion you will be listed on the AWAKE website as a PLAE™ certified coach.  PLAE™ is a six-week certification. The total cost for the certification is $2995. All students will have a unique and rewarding opportunity to experience plant medicine if they elect to do so. Plant medicine ceremonies take place in Costa Rica but are not required for certification. Please fill out the form below and someone will contact you asap.

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