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DNA Encoding and Activation

Imagine consciousness and awareness developing through the DNA of ancestors in the womb.

About DNA Encoding & Activation

DNA Encoding and Activation is an extremely powerful technique that allows us to encode are DNA with different programing. Imagine consciousness and awareness developing through the DNA of ancestors in the womb. Of course, there are many beautiful attributes about family that we will treasure forever. However, there are some illnesses, programming, beliefs, and blocks that we spend a lifetime trying to overcome. These are embedded in the DNA. The challenging aspect of this is when we are functioning from the DNA coding and it’s very hard to recognize this in the conscious mind. Many people just succumb to the fate of the DNA and accept that they are predisposed to various illnesses on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Through the study of epigenetics we have learned that our DNA can be reprogrammed just like the software in a computer.

Spiritual DNA encoding and activation treats DNA just like anything else in the world of energy. It is electromagnetic waves of energy that can be reprogrammed with intention, focus, and frequency! It’s comparable to doing laser therapy, but on your genetics.

The human race basically shares the same DNA, we are not separate even though we live sometimes like we are. When we work on the DNA we have to work on it like we are holding every experience that anybody ever has or ever will embody.

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My Personal Experience

I had an experience when I was doing a Iboga Costa Rica that was profound and life changing. During this experience, I healed my reproductive system which had signs of endometriosis. My intention was to heal the endometriosis. Iboga is a very powerful plant medicine. During the healing I saw visions of events and feelings that were not in my own lifetime. The visions were women who had suffered during childbirth, had abortions, miscarriages, felt guilt about what they’ve done to their children etc. I was seeing and experiences the memories that were encoded in my DNA from my ancestors and the collective. As soon as I got to the depths of releasing what I was holding in my DNA and from the collective, My reproductive system completely healed. I came back to the United States and had an ultrasound that proved that I was healthy and free of endometriosis.

In this methodology, it is important to know that we know nothing.

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As we tap into the highest frequency of all that is/zero-point, we can use this technique to purge or release from our DNA what is no longer serving us. Next, we recode it with information from the all that is/Zero-Point frequency and resonate at a level where illness and disease can’t exist on any level.

In this technique, we learn to listen to the stories that our DNA is telling us and decode and reprogram the DNA for the life that serves us! This works on physical, emotional and spiritual levels

Like with any technique, it is best to empower oneself with the ability to access this frequency, and heal all aspects of life for the rest of one’s lifetime. This technique is taught both in the AWAKE Academy and the PLEA™ Certification.

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