Conscious Infinity

Zero Point Activations™ Session

Zero-Point Activations® - ZPA® is a form of spiritual alchemy that transforms/transmutes stagnant or undesirable energy by accessing the heart frequency or the perfect frequency of creation.

What is It?

Consciousness/Energy never disappears but can be changed from one frequency to another. Every circumstance in your life is based off of the law of attraction. You will manifest in this reality, events or circumstances that parallel the frequencies that you are carrying in your consciousness. Therefore, by accessing the zero-point, frequencies can be instantaneously changed. The natural balance of such a change is attracting like events or circumstances in your 3D reality. ZPA® works because we are all holographic beings with a central point of consciousness (heart space). When we are in balance with our frequencies and polarity we manifest through the zero-point in our consciousness, which is the gateway to our divine connection. (13)_4x

In divinity, we can create situations that are in alignment with the highest of frequencies. So, living our daily lives with compassion, gratitude, and in unconditional love is a natural way to access your zero-point.

Inspiration: ZPA® has been close to our hearts for quite some time. This modality has been a joint effort between the founders. All information has been channeled by the founders. The source of the channeling appears to be divine consciousness that reside on dimensions that naturally hold the zero-point frequencies. These beings offer unconditional love and guidance for the souls that will be an integral part of this ascension. 

Mission Statement

Honoring the evolution of the collective consciousness by tapping into the divine awareness of creation. Working through the zero-point of consciousness to access portals that will allow chosen souls to remember and carry-out their self-chosen purpose in life. These souls will lead by example with compassion, joy, prosperity and unconditional love. Embracing and becoming the zero-point frequency and naturally changing the balance in the planet’s frequency.


Higher frequencies will be illuminated and human’s dormant DNA will be activated. Eventually, eliminating the veil or “forgotten memories” between this 3D reality and nirvana. Death will be a simple change of consciousness and manifest from a choice to cross dimensions rather a feared 3D experience into the unknown.


Change Your Life Forever

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How does this modality access my zero-point and transmute/change my current frequencies and state of consciousness?


So much is happening in our realms of consciousness that we as humans are unaware of or programmed to forget and deny. Let’s use this metaphor. Imagine there is a thunderstorm happening with heavy rains, lightening and high winds. Let’s pretend that you, as a human can’t see the storm and are unaware that it exists. However, there is a constant leak in your roof that is destroying the roof and the floors. You fix the roof and the floors, but it is only temporary. 

The new roof starts leaking again and things start to get ruined all over. You feel helpless because you don’t understand how to fix this problem permanently. You in your house represents the 3D reality or third dimensional reality. The thunderstorm is the fifth dimensional reality or 5D reality. Through ZPA® you will be accessing the 5D reality and balancing it with the 3D reality creating everlasting harmony.  Since we are all holograms the self as a whole can be transformed.