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This Master Class below is a gift for YOU to learn how to access the frequency of the zero-point and how to consciously create your reality. You will also learn more about the AWAKE Academy and what it can do for you, ENJOY!

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Discover, Experience & Get Certified In These Modalities

Quantum Shifting

Release the old constructs of space and time as you experience quantum shifts across every area of your life, including health, wealth, spirit and connection.


Discover how to reach a level of deep intimacy with yourself and your partner with deep breathing and movement to facilitate connection.

Zero-Point Acceleration Certification

Access the most potent state where the past and future dissolve into a singular state of presence that creates rapid expansion and deep, congruent peace.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Life Coaching Certification

Use the most potent technology we have, our language, to influence your behavior, rewire your thinking and create impact in other people’s lives.

Shamanic Healing
& Journeying

Tap into the wisdom of the ancient Shamanic traditions to experience healing and a journey to the depths of your soul.

Reiki Master

Expand your Reiki practice with advanced training, tools and integration.


Access Theta states to radically shift behaviors by communicating directly with the subconscious mind for long-term behavior and habit change.

Medical Intuitive

Heal yourself from common ailments, issues or even disease prevention by tapping into your intuitive self to address misalignments and cultivate healing.


Discover how to heal past traumas, memories or anxiety with eye-movement integration and techniques.

DNA Encoding and Re-Engineering Certification

Discover how to use epigenetics to radically shift your DNA and activate the most abundant, powerful version of who you really are.

Reiki I & II

Discover the potent application of energy healing, movement and activation with Reiki.

Sound Healing

Learn to raise vibration and frequency through the magic of crystal bowls, tuning forks, singing and much more…

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AWAKE Academy

Is One Of A Kind. So Are You.

You know that there is more to your purpose. More joy, true love, abundance, and a mind, body and spirit that create a sense of infinite vitality. And I want you to know:

It’s why AWAKE exists. And why hundreds of clients call it getting a ‘full-being makeover’ as they transform their lives from the inside out —leading to abundance across every part of their lives. Because the truth is:

You’re not here to experience success in only one area of your life.

A person who is financially rich but emotionally lost doesn’t have true wealth. Someone who is limited by their physicality and health or stuck in their relationships isn’t either. It’s time to redefine what success really looks and feels like.

So, how do we get you there?

We teach you how to tap into a state of zero-point consciousness. Here, the only moment of time is now. When you access this transformative state, you are embodied in a vacuum to effortlessly allow you to manifest a life of wealth, love, health, and ongoing spiritual growth.

AWAKE Academy was designed after 20+ years and thousands of hours of real-world application across countless modalities. I created this one-of-a-kind academy to ensure a holistic definition of success that includes financial wealth, lasting love, thriving health and spiritual abundance.

So if you’ve been:

  • Tired of fragmented modalities that lack integration
  • Looking to turn blocks into exponential quantum shifts
  • Want to collapse the time and effort to your boldest desires
  • Desire to be surrounded by a like-minded soul tribe who ‘gets’ you
  • Are ready to create impact through your healing and teaching others

Quantum Shifts, Self-Healing & A World-Class Certification.

So, What Exactly Do You Get Inside AWAKE?

After two decades and helping 1000s of people, the AWAKE Academy was created to be an all-inclusive, comprehensive experience unlike any other, including:


16 Weeks of Training
and Lifetime Access

Our immersive training will cover every modality for your self-healing, transformation and spiritual expansion ensuring integration in every area of your life as well as life-time access.

Integrative Healing
Practitioner Certification

Upon completion, you’ll be certified as an Integrative Healing Practitioner and ready to practice anywhere in the world and create a positive impact.

Breakout Rooms
+ Q&A

We facilitate breakout rooms for you to practice with other students who become your Soul Tribe as you are being supervised by an AWAKE teacher in case you have question.

1-1 Mentorship and FREE Healing Sessions Weekly with your tution

Each member of AWAKE will get access to a 1-1 mentor throughout the experience to ensure integration at every level.

8 Interactive Live
Zoom Calls Per Week to Chose from

Join myself and my team live with 8 interactive live sessions where I’ll teach you powerful material and answer any of your specific issues, roadblocks or challenges

Transformative Videos, Meditations & PDFs

The learning content has been designed to be fun, interactive, and for any type of learner. You will transform as you are soaking in the material

A Like-Minded
Soul Tribe.

Our members rave about the deep, honest and potent connections that come with like-minded people who feel like family instantly.

Business Development and Weekly Calls to Get you up Running

Our members rave about the deep, honest and potent connections that come with like-minded people who feel like family instantly.

Be the author of your own life...

This Isn’t A Program
It’s A Radical Shift In Consciousness

Self-Healing. Deep Embodiment. Endless Possibility.

The AWAKE Academy is designed to bring your own heaven to earth through self-healing and conscious creation while leveling up across every area of your life, including:


With zero-point consciousness, time and effort are dissolved as you exponentially grow across every area of your life.


While most programs scratch the surface, we address the deepest part of who you are ‘being’ for lasting embodiment and integration.

Blocks Into Breakthroughs

We transform any blocks or feelings of being stuck into breakthroughs and ‘aha’ moments that are integrated across every area of your life for rapid growth.

Tap Into
The Deep Now

Zero-point consciousness is an attraction magnet while eliminating the concern or stress of the past or future as you reconnect with your most abundant self.


AWAKE starts with you. Your healing. Your growth. Your alignment of mind, body and spirit that affects your entire life.

Get Certified
To Take Clients

Your enrollment comes with being certified to practice 8+ modalities plus done-for-you business training to get you started in the least amount of time.

Business Tools

Get everything you need to launch, grow and expand your healing business without guesswork so you can focus on creating a ripple effect of positivity and impact.


Being part of AWAKE means you’ll have lifetime access to all the modules, healing and update(s) as new content, training and meditations are added.

Transform Yourself And Be Certified To Help
Others Transform Themselves.

Get Certified To Create Impact. Not Only Will You Transform Yourself, You’ll Be Certified To Help Impact Others

After enrolling and completing AWAKE, you’ll be certified as an Integrative Holistic & Energy Healing Practitioner allowed to share your gifts, create an impact and build a thriving business.

Conscious Infinity

AWAKE Academy Is Unlike Any Other Experience

AWAKE Academy
Other Programs
Transformative Healing
Zero-Point Consciousness
8+ State-of-the-Art Modalities
World Class Certification
Business Training & Resources

AWAKE Academy

Other Programs

Transformative Healing

Zero-Point Consciousness

8+ State-0f-the-Art Modalities

World Class Certification

Business Training & Resources

My Promise:

I Help You Accelerate Your Self-Healing to Attract Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life..

Hi, I’m Dr. Rebecca. And I’m honored that you’re here.

During the last 25 years, I’ve been blessed to work with 1000s of people like you to release blocks, tap into zero point consciousness, heal themselves —and grow thriving businesses with lasting impact.

Along the way, I noticed a problem: the self-transformation and healing space was full of fragmented modalities. For example, you’d do a few Reiki sessions. Then work with a healer. Or head to a Shamanic retreat for a weekend.

While all of these can be extremely beneficial, something was missing: a holistically-integrated system across every part of your ‘being’, including:

  • Physical abundance
  • Mental alignment
  • Emotional release
  • Financial mastery
  • Self-healing tools
  • Spiritual awakening
  • Career expansion
  • Awakening dormant DNA at higher frequencies

That’s when the AWAKE Academy was born: a fully integrated spiritual Academy designed to help you overcome any roadblocks, and deeply integrate multiple modalities so you can attract the abundance, health and thriving life you desire.

AWAKE is an experience rooted in self-transformation. But instead of only focusing on self-healing, I added a certification plus done-for-you business tools to help others. If you currently have, or plan to have a business to help others —I help you release the overwhelm to get it off the ground.

Truthfully, your purpose in life is YOU. We all strive to free ourselves from the human condition of suffering, sadness, guilt, anxiety etc. What I teach is way of being and existing that activates your light body and allows you to live in a state of joy which radiates the highest frequency. The secret to manifesting is frequency.

We are like radio stations, the universe matches the frequency that we resonate. After you accomplish this everything you do will have a golden touch. People will heal by just being in your frequency. No matter what you do for a living this way of existing will create a life of magic and miracles. Being OK is not enough! Bring your very own heaven to earth.  I would be honored to be a part of your journey!

Founder, Conscious Infinity
Creator, AWAKE Academy

P.S. If you’ve made it this far…it’s for a reason.

Listen to that voice inside that’s guiding you toward a fuller, expansive experience —and join us inside the AWAKE Academy.

I promise you’ll never be the same…in the best of ways. But you’ll have to meet me halfway by clicking the button below.

Your AWAKE Questions, Answered

This is for anyone who wants to bring their heaven on earth and lives in this 3D reality. This is a way of existing that allows you to manifest 24/7 and be in perfect love, health, and wealth.

As a trained and certified psychologist, I blend Quantum Shifting, with Hypnotherapy, Tantra, Medical Intuition, Zero-Point Acceleration, Eye-Movement Integration, NLP and DNA Encoding & Activation in a fully-integrated system to accelerate results and rich abundance.

Although this is a self-paced online learning academy, there are 8 interactive zoom calls a week that you can attend around your schedule. We also have AWAKE retreats at least 6 times per year that you will have the option of attending.

You do not need to have any previous experience. These modules go from basic to advanced and you can repeat them as many times as you would like. Each time you redo a module you will have a deeper learning experience.

The business part of this can be used to get your own healing business up and running and/or it can be used for any business you want to create. I am very familiar with business development and I teach you to brand yourself and attract the right clients for you regardless of your niche.

Obviously your higher self wants a change or you would not be reading this. A time to start a journey like this is NOW. This is not a typical Academy where you learn with just your brain. These techniques become an embodiment of who your are and apply to every moment of your life. If you desire shifts in your life now, this is for you.

@2023 Conscious Infinity