Conscious Infinity

Upside Down Mirror #16

Rebecca learns to open portals to realities of the unknown. Will she be able to handle what this portal holds for her?SHOW MORE

Upside Down Mirror #15

We all have the ability to write our own outcomes! Rebecca discovers the key to consciously manifesting a love that is pure and true!

Upside Down Mirror #14

As time goes on, Rebecca realizes more than ever that a twin flame journey is all about the love of self and the outside reality is a brutal honest mirror!SHOW MORE

Upside Down Mirror #13

Rebecca continues her twin flame journey as she adjusts to a new beginning reflecting even more paranormal magic coming her way.

Upside Down Mirror #12

The light at the end of the tunnel is shining bright through dark fog as Rebecca is faced with immeasurable gains and a huge loss.

Upside Down Mirror #11

The struggle is real as Rebecca continues to understand the universal plan to true surrendering. Limbo creates a true understanding of only being able to live in the moment.

Upside Down Mirror #10

Rebecca’s faith and beliefs are truly tested as she enters into a world that can seem to be cruel and unfair. Can you find heaven in hell?

Upside Down Mirror #9

In Episode 9 of Upside Down Mirror, Rebecca faces a consequence to not listening to her intuition and guardian parents that will shift her life forever. Never say “this can’t happen to me”!

Upside Down Mirror #8

Rebecca is feeling like she is swimming in dangerous waters where it feels impossible to reach the surface. Glimpses of the perfect life flash before her eyes but something is pulling her back. That something may be stronger than what she ever imagined.

Upside Down Mirror #7

The web of life becomes more tangled than ever with Gabe and Sean. Rebecca is gifted a divine surprise that changes the trajectory of everything as she knew it.